Based on many years of experience, we produce non-stick coatings based on PTFE and decorative based on silicone-polyester, environmentally friendly and safe paints.
In order to be successful in a competitive market, you need to maintain quality at a high level.
We can list the following conditions for maintaining a high level of quality:

  • Correct raw materials
  • Modern production system
  • Effective sales and marketing network
  • Fast maintenance

The following are the principles of our company:

  • To be one step ahead: for new projects to offer new coating options.
  • Be at the right time in the right place: provide technical support to the client during the application of the coating.
  • Unity: the system is built correctly, if the end user is satisfied with the quality of the finished product; the manufacturer of cookware is satisfied with the used coating; the coating company is satisfied with the process of creating such a coating.
  • To think like a marathon runner: to provide the same high quality of products and services for many years


Our goals are your needs!


We use the most modern production technologies


We follow the national and international environmental legislation


Continuous improvement of our quality management system


We provide additional education for employees


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